Staff Vacancies

Server Moderators

We have a number of positions for server moderators that are needing to be filled.

All staff will start off as a moderator. Becoming a moderator will only provide you with a discount off of the pointshop on some servers (15%). If you would like to purchase points, you can do so at the bottom of the donate page (this will help us continue to host this server)! Donating to us will not help you in becoming a server mod/admin (however, we will like you more). Moderators have access to the specific commands that will help moderate server usage and gameplay. If you want any of the 'fun' commands (whip/slap/ignite etc.), you will need to go to the donate page and select the correct class (you will then be double classsed (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platnium Moderator and "Ultimate Moderator" (VIP rank purchased)). If you are already a donator, and you are successful in becoming a mod, you will keep your current rank as above, whilst also being a moderator.

Please complete the application form below, and email it to us at
There is no time restraint, and all applications will be read (as per the applicant rules below) and stored no matter the outcome.

You will need microsoft office (or similar) to complete the application form (Excel .xlsx). If you do not have this, please email us letting us know, and we will send you an email text version.

Applicant rules:

Server Admins

We have no current vacancies for server admins. Server admins are server moderators that have been promoted due to excellent moderating, good 'customer service', repetitive praise for behaviour/dispute handling, recommendations from other admins/moderators, and other reasons. If you would like to become a server admin, you must first apply for a moderator (if there are positions open - please see above).