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Contact the Admins/Moderators

If you need to contact an admin/mod about the server (status/problem players/issues with gameplay/major glitches etc.) please email If there is an admin online, please contact them in-game or via steam. If you spam this email or any staff members/in-game chat, you will be banned instantly. You can also use the contact form below.

You can use this email to notify the admins of any cheaters, but please include proof (screenshots/recordings, timestamps (rough/accurate), descriptions, and a steam profile URL (you can find by looking at their profile which you can access in the SHIFT-TAB/Friends-View Players/Current or RecentGames menu). If an admin/mod is avaliable they will come online ASAP and speak to you directly via steam whilst investigating.

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If you need to send files/attachments, please email with all relevent information.

Contact the Owner

If you have any issues with an admin/mod on the server, please email for a confidential chat and investigation. Screenshots of chat messages/recordings/timestamps (rough/accurate) will be helpful in the investigation. DO NOT use this email for any other purposes (use the email above to contact the admins/mods). If you spam this email you will be banned instantly.

Staff Appliations

Please check HERE for staff vacancies on our servers. DO NOT email the admins/mods about staff applications - you WILL be ignored.