About Us

Technically Square

Technically Square is a series of game servers designed to be fun and to bring people together in play. Unlike some servers that are sponsored or endorsed by a third party, we are solely here for you, the gamers!


The server admins and moderators play an essential part in the smooth running of our servers. They provide around the clock support for players and ensure that a fair but fun game is had by all! If there are any issues, these are the people to go to! If you are interested in applying for a staff position, please take a look at out staff application page for vacancies.


The donators play a very important part in our servers, even more so than the admins and moderators sometimes! These are people who donate some of their money to help us keep the servers running, and ensure that there is minimal down time! In exchange for this, they gain access to a variety of extra and exclusive commands, and also receive in-game points depending on their donation. We are also offering aLootcrate to donators of over £30! You can see more details, and donate, on the donate page.