By donating money to us you'll be keeping us alive for another month. Hosting these servers is not free, and any help we get from the community is greatly appreciated. Obviously you have no obligation to donate, but if you feel generous and want to help us out, we would greatly appreciate it. In return for your donation, we will provide you with points for the store, extra ULX Powers, and an awesome tag next to your name so that everyone knows that you have helped us out.

For every penny that you donate, you will get 10 points! For example, £6.82 = 6820 points + Silver Donor Rank!

PLEASE NOTE - Poinshop is not avaliable on our MelonBomber server.

FREE - Standard Users

Donators below can use !menu to open a menu with all their commands inside!

£1 - £4.99 - Bronze Donor Rank

Same ULX commands as above plus:

£5 - £9.99 - Silver donor Rank

Same ULX commands as above plus:

£10 - £14.99 - Gold Donor Rank

Same ULX commands as above plus:

£15 - £19.99 - Platnium Donor Rank

Same ULX commands as above plus:

£20 or more - VIP Rank

Same ULX commands as above plus:

£30 or more - Advanced VIP Rank PLUS LOOTCRATE!

Same as VIP Rank, PLUS:

By clicking this button, you agree to the Terms & Conditions as stated at the bottom of this page.

When purchasing, you must include your SteamID and Steam URL (ID can be found by going to If you do not provide all the information required, your points and benefits cannot be given, and no refunds will be made (as we will not be able to confirm the sender).

Terms and Conditions (Disclaimer)

We reserve the right to remove ranks and powers from users if we feel that it is undeserved or if we receive complaints. Ranked users must follow the rules just like normal players. If ranked players are found breaking the rules they will be dealt with in the same way as unranked players. The purchase of a Rank is purely a digital sale, and only a digital product is received by you - due to this, ordinary physical item laws do not apply and no refunds will be given - no exceptions. Distance selling regulations do not apply to this purchase. No refunds are available if you get banned after purchasing a Rank, and purchasing a Rank will not prevent or alter the chance of future bans. Illegitimate PayPal disputes will lead to immediate suspension of forum accounts, permanent bans on all servers and denial of all access to Technically Square Servers. After purchasing a rank it is up to you, the buyer, to contact us with all required information in order for us to grant you any benefits. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without warning.
PLEASE NOTE: We are not affiliated with Lootcrate in ANY way - We are purely offering to buy anyone who donates over £30 to our server one Lootcrate of a chosen month (chosen by the donator). This is the same for donating over £30 for extra points.